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About Us

Our Mission

We are dedicated to bringing families the latest trends to create a uniform look and allow them to feel their best without high prices. We aim to provide quality, value and service on the highest level.

Our Founder

Founded in 2020, D Di Dee has been privately owned and operated by CEO Dominica Cobb alongside her daughters Dior&Daelynn Thomas. As a single mother of twins, she would dress her girls alike. She then began to take an interest in coordinating her attire to match her daughters. Struggling in finding matching clothing, she would resort to coordinating colors and avoiding certain patterns. When she was able to find something, the prices were so discouraging. She would verbalize her concerns to other moms, especially other mothers of multiples, and realized that this issue is more predominant then one would expect. Dominica then began to work on a solution to this problem. Amidst a pandemic, being a full time mother and working full time, D, Di, Dee was born.